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Siero, G: On Idea (Natural Life) - 3 Over 4 Under, Australian Institute of
Architects, WA Architecture Week.

Siero, G: Creating Human Environments As If Life Mattered - Planning Case
Study: Serpentine-Jarrahdale Rural Strategy Report in proceedings
Sustainable Building WA Conference, Denmark, 2003.

Siero, G (Landmarc Consultancy): Urban wastewater - What If? In Meyer, K,
Urban Waste Water - A Lost Resource or an Opportunity? AIUS (WA)
Seminar with Western Australian Water Resources Council, Australian
Waste Water Association. Australian Institute of Urban Studies, Perth,
August 1993

Siero, G: Earth Sheltered Architecture in Hot Arid Australia, in Boyer, LL,
Ed: Proceedings International Conference on Energy Efficient Buildings
with Earth Sheltered Protection, Sydney, Architectural Extension,
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Greenland, J, G Siero, G and C Irwin. Earth Sheltered Architecture in Hot
Dry Climates of Australia, Australian Mineral Industry Research Association
AMIRA ′Housing Design Workshop′, BHP Melbourne Research
Laboratories, Melbourne, 1980. Demonstrating the feasibility of climate
adapted, non air-conditioned buildings in hot dry Australia, where
comfortable, adapted, energy efficient mining towns could be created.

Magazine, TV and Newspaper articles about Architecture, Housing and projects by Architect Gérard Siero. NB: Gérard carried out research and wrote outlines for many of the ′interview′ type articles that were written up by journalists for magazines and newspapers. Some of the articles are based on press releases issued while Gérard was Archicentre WA State Manager, 1995-2004:

2010 The Australian for ANZSES Sustainable House Day 2010, an article on
Peg′s Place rewritten from text and photographs supplied for AIA 2010
Awards Entry, September 2010.

Article from interview: Living Smarter with Style in Builders Choice
Magazine September 2010 Page 51-57. The 2nd Wave Solar House, South
Perth, WA (Architect Gérard Siero)

Article from interview: Peace, Love, Harmony lives up to its namesake in
Builders Choice Magazine June 2010, Pages 86-7. Peg′s Place Solar
Hemicycle House, Gosnells, WA. (Architect Gérard Siero)

In Scoop - Insite Magazine, Perth: Peg′s Place - PELOHA
(Architect Gérard Siero)

Siero, G: text and interview for article: Beach Shack captures the ′back to
nature′ camping feel in Builders Choice Magazine, December 2008, Page
52-3 (Architect Gérard Siero)

Interview with Mara Fox: First Hand Experience in The Sunday Times -
Home - Green Living September 7, 2008, page 20. Seabird Bremer Bay
Beach House, Architect Gérard Siero

in On the map - Seabird Beach House, Bremer Bay by Gérard Siero, in
Vogue Living July August 08, page 110

in On the Edge in Scoop - Insite Magazine, Perth, featuring Seabird Bremer
Bay Beach House, Page 82 (Architect Gérard Siero)

Interview with Beth Muhling: Aiming for seven stars in The West Australian
October 8, 2008, the Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter on
release of the ASBEC Climate Change Task Force 2nd Plank Report.

In Payne, M: The Tower House - a leap into the firmament (Architect
Gérard Siero) in Perth Woman Magazine, Issue 28, page 144

Interview with Michael White: Home adds New Scope To Passive Solar
Design in The West Australian - Real Estate - (Weekend Living Section
Cover story) November 24, 2007, pages 6-7. The Wave House, Waterford,
Architect Gérard Siero.

Siero, G: Seabird Bremer Bay in Housing 2006 - The Architect, WA 03/06
pages 24-5. The Architect is the journal of the Australian Institute of
Architects WA Chapter.

Celebrity Dream Home - Maggies recipes for bliss written up by Helen
Crompton: Beach house design by Gérard Siero and Patrick Irwin,
The West Australian -, Archicentre.

Interview with Sally Ann Jones, Perspectives pictures by Michael O′Brien:
Building Your Place in the sun - Burswood home is a classic example of
efficient solar design in The West Australian - New Homes, September 3
2005. The Tower House for Michele Payne by Architect Gérard Siero on the
occasion of Sustainable House day 2005.

Interview with Natasha Granath: Renovation Dollars and Sense in Habitat -
Premium Homes - The West Australian June 11 2004, page 2.

Interview with Helen Crompton for Archicentre and WA Architecture
Week: Adding value - Cautious nod for good design in The West
Australian. August 30, 2003, page 14. Picture: Leaversuch Passive Solar
Studio, Swanbourne by Architect Gérard Siero.

Interview with Diedre Best: Before you make a move, contact an architect
in The West Australian - New Homes Lift-out, November 24 2001, Page 4

Interview with Angela Wellington: House and Home - Architectural
innovation is vital in an era when less space must be put to greater use...
in The West Magazine May 26, 2001, pages 20-21. (The West Australian)

Interview with Helen Crompton: The Experts on Home Improvement in
The West Australian Real Estate Lift-out, January 3 1998, pages 2-3

Siero, G with H Crompton for Archicentre: Q&A and Ask the Experts in The
West Australian - Real Estate Lift-out, 300+ articles on housing design and
technology (2 questions weekly for over 6 years).

Siero, G with H Crompton for Archicentre: Adding Value and Making Plans
in The West Australian, Real Estate Lift-out, various articles on design,
construction, home improvements and sustainability, written up by
journalist Helen Crompton.

Peg′s Place, Better Homes and Gardens, Channel 7, 20120210.
Review of Solar Hemicycle, bermed, passive solar house

Interviews for Archicentre on technical housing, and other more
general architectural issues - mostly based on my Archicentre press releases
and aired during local Perth evening news broadcasts.

Siero, G: On Idea - (Natural Life)- 3 Over 4 Under, Australian Institute of
Architects, WA Architecture Week 2010 Emerging Architects event.
(Slide presentation and text)

Climate Change Presentations - The Climate Reality Project (Al Gore). Talks
tailored to WA audiences with built environment solutions added,
and regularly updated.

2005 - 11
Solar Seminars in Perth and Regional WA: (aiming to raise awareness of
science and design for climate, efficiency and designing WITH nature.)

Solar design in a changing climate - CPD course for Real Estate
Professionals to raise awareness of sustainability: Curtin University
Sustainable Policy Institute, 2010- (approx 12 lectures thus far).

Solar design in a changing climate: in Decarbonising Cities at Curtin
University Sustainable Policy Institute, Fremantle 2010, 2011.

Solar design for climate: Institute for Science and Technology Policy,
Murdoch University, 2009.

Passive Solar Design: Esperance Regional Forum, Esperance 2009.

Passive Solar Design, + Planning for Solar Design, for Sustainable Energy
Development Office of WA (SEDO) & Western Australian Local
Government Association (WALGA). Separate seminars for the Public & for
Local Government staff. Coordinated by Greenskills, and supported by
Local Councils, Community Organisations and Archicentre Limited.

2008 - 9
Archicentre RAIA:
Building and Renovating in a Changing Climate Seminar edited for WA.

House Sustainability Assessor Training: Archicentre Architects.

Buying a House Seminar edited for WA.

1995 - 06
Building and Renovating - Housing Seminars at Homebase Subiaco WA
and extracts/adaptations at various other venues.

Comparative History of Architecture - valuing indigenous architectures of
place and comparing them to international examples. Illustrated Lecture
1st day of semester at Unitech Lae, PNG

Introduction to Earth Sheltered Architecture. Seminar with Professor L.
Boyer to Owner Builder Seminar Series, Bruce College of TAFE, Canberra.

Passive Housing Using Earth Shelter-[illustrating a Pilbara prototype
Presentation to the International Solar Energy Society, Canberra.

1976 & 1987
The Bilgola Beach House By Richard Le Plastrier, Audio/Visual Slide
Presentations with some comparisons with the work of Glenn Murcutt,
1976 to 1987, NSWIT Sydney, PNG Unitech, Lae, and Architect′s Salon,
Perth. Unpublished.

′The Citadel′ the Thomas W Fyshwick Residence, 1929 by Walter Griffin.
Unpublished slide presentation and lecture on Walter Burley Griffin′s only
large, privately commissioned house in Castlecrag, Sydney, NSWIT. Also
presented at MGT offices Manuka 1982.

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