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We provide professional services in architecture, landscape and ecological planning, our associates and consultants: environmental and climate analyses, planning and design, sketch and design development, town planning, heritage, landscape design, documentation, approvals, detailing, interior design and selections, tendering and negotiations, and contract administration. Our approach incorporates place-making principles of ecology, conservation, local Pattern Languages, Cradle to Cradle, site and environmental repair. Gérard also lectures and presents seminars on ecological architecture to the public, professional and tertiary education bodies, and is available for media commentary on architecture and environment.

The AIA Client and Architect Agreement together with our own terms of trade form our services contract. A typical sequence comprises Pre-Design, Sketch and Developed Design, Licence and Contract Documentation, and Contract Tendering and Contract Administration.

Before we start on the design proper and its development, we investigate the site and discuss clients′ wants and needs:

- Questionnaire
- Briefing Consultation(s)
- Development of Client Brief - functions, construction, staging and budget.

- Site Studies
- Existing Landscape Analysis
- Consultant Coordination: Surveys

Once the site is known and your needs assessed,
the design process proper can begin:

Sketch Design
- Client consultations
- Design and drawings
- Consult with authorities and consultants
- Preliminary opinion of possible cost by QS for budgeting

Detailed Design to Town Planning Application
- Design development and consultation till the design meets your brief.
- Consultant Coordination: Quantity Surveyor - Costings; Preliminary Energy
Audit by Government Licensed Assessor; Structural Engineer
- Architect′s Statement
- Option: Negotiations, representations or appeals, models, 3D drawings and
perspectives, and slideshow presentations, etc., which can all be provided at
hourly rates.

Part 1 - to Building License Application:
- Basic "working drawings" suited to Council Building License requirements.
- Prepare a basic specification describing: quality of materials, finishes and
- Consultant Coordination: Quantity Surveyor - Costings; Energy Audit by
Government Licensed Assessor; Structural Engineer, and integrate with the
drawings. Lifecycle analysis.
- Submit documents for Building Approval/Approval in Principle.

Part 2 - Tender/Construction Documents:
- Contract, tender and construction options
- Detailed "working drawings" for tendering and construction
- Resolve and document main finishes
- Prepare additional documents, schedules, provisional allowances, and specifications to suit the tendering method selected. At this stage construction detail drawings are for tender only. Architectural documents constitute a "statement of intent", which require the on-going interpretation of the architect.

Further details, explanatory sketches, and architect′s instructions are routinely issued during Contract Administration - Construction Stage services.
- To effectively understand and manage their works, owner-builders must undertake proper training in construction theory, law, contracts, project programming, management and construction costing and accounting. Fees apply to the extra time, information, advice and details owner builders generally need.

The building method will be selected to deliver the building once the scope of works has been determined. A conventional process could include:

Contract Tendering
- Registrations of interest. Assess registrants. Select Tender List (with Client).
- Call Tenders; Respond to enquiries from tenderers; Close Tenders
- Assess Tenders (in consultation with Client); Prepare tender recommendation
- Negotiate with the preferred tenderer: scope and costs.

Contract Administration
- Prepare the Contract Documents for signing
- Arrange and attend site visits with the Builder and/or Client
- Construction Observation
- Photographic record
- Issue additional drawings and details as required for construction
- Advise Client regarding time, cost and progress
- Contract Accounting: Assess Progress Claims, Variations, and Extensions of
Time, and issue Certificates
- Assist in selection of Provisional Sum Items: eg: cabinetwork, tiling,
appliances, fixtures, luminaires, special finishes ...
- Colours
- Interior Design, including window treatments and luminaires
- Prepare defects list prior to Practical Completion
- Inspections

Post Construction
- Prepare defects list prior to end of Defects Liability Period.

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